Day 11 and I’m back with 5 series blog of 5 Mistakes of Every Teenager’s Life. As with the time, every thing has a change in our life. And in Teenage specially, we do many of the mistakes which affect our life. So, here are the

TOP 5 Mistakes of A Teenagers.

Happy Teens

Happy Teens

#1. Wasting the Time

The first and the most common mistake of Teenagers is wasting the precious time. Teenagers take this granted at that time and just pass the time by watching TV, roaming on roads and by doing many such jobs which actually don’t worth.
Here is a point, that while passing the time, teenagers feel relaxed and they enjoy it and then it becomes their habit. I’m not saying it for all the teenagers because some of the teenagers work hard to fulfill their expectations. Sleeping is the most common job done by teenagers. Spending extra time on Fashion, Style, Chatting, Laptop/Phone, etc are time wasting jobs. And at the time when they have to prepare themselves for future, they just waste the time on non-required or unnecessary works.

Note Point – Time is precious; Use it now otherwise it will not use you.

#2. Phone Addiction

I agree that SmartPhone is a useful gadget of our daily life. And it made our lives too easy, but if it has pros then it has cons too. Phone Addiction is the second mistake in a teenagers life where he/she use the mobile every time while eating, studying, even driving or in washroom too. And the addiction increases day by day.
Due to this addiction, there are many people who lost their life. So be careful and don’t risk your life and don’t waste your time. Use your mobile only when it needed or for a short time if you are getting bored.

Note Point – Use the smartphone for short time if you are not making money from it.

#3. Internet Addiction

3rd most common mistake which I think everyone did or doing in their life. Internet Addiction can be related to phone addiction because some of the teens use the phone only for internet. But wasting the time and money on internet without any purpose; I don’t think it’s a good idea. Teenagers don’t know the actual power of the internet, and if someone knows the actual power of internet then he/she will never use the internet just for timepass.

Note Point – Try to achieve Success from the power of the Internet, because it is a complete world of success if someone tries.

#4. Tries to be Over-Smart –

Mostly teenagers always try to be over smart, they pretend to be whatever they are actually not. They always challenge a 20yrs experience with their 2yrs of experience. This also happened to me also, In my teenage I always tried to be more intelligent and smart then the person next to me. I never cared either that person had more experience then me, but after I turned 18+ I started taking everything practical.
So, don’t do this, because if someone is elder then you than definitely in most of cases he/she will be more intelligent or experience then you.

Note Point – Less knowledge is always harmful. So never tries to be Oversmart then your elders.

#5 Ignoring Parents –

This is the most important topic of the blog. In every teenagers life, everyone has a period in which he/she started ignoring and hating their parents. And start getting attracted towards their friends and other people. But remember, if you are thinking that your parents are not understanding you, then you are wrong. Because you are not understanding them. They are asking you for everything just because they care for you.

If a friend is offering you a ciggarete and your parents are asking for not to smoke, then you feel your parents are bad, they are binding you in a prison, then you are wrong. Because that time your parents are not bad, your friend is dangerous for you. Your parents are just protecting you.

Note Point – Respect your parents and krep distance from your friend who are dangerous for you.

So these are 5 mistakes that almost every teen does in their life. Thanks for your reading the post. Follow us on social network for more updates and share the blog if you like it.

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