Hi Buddies, Today is 3rd of January 2018 – 3rd Day of New Year. And I hope everything is all right for everyone and also will damn good every day. So, now we move towards the blog and as I wrote in my last blog, that today I will give you a secret about Success.

The Guaranteed Shortcut to Success

Well, this is not a secret but a hidden fact which 99% of us don’t actually want to apply in our life. And the secret will be revealed in a single statement that is – “Doing Your Work is the only Shortcut to Success.”

Success is a Cake Walk

Success is a Cake Walk

I know, what you are thinking now; you’re saying – What rubbish are you talking? How is it a shortcut? But before you get confused – Wait!!!

I know, it sounds wired, but let me explain the point. And before I start, do one thing – clear each and every myth about the success you have in your mind.

So, I have a story to tell you before explaining my point. Once upon a time, two friends “Aman” & “Chaman” were roaming in a forest. The forest was very dark and deep and was full of similar and confusing paths. Both the friends were enjoying the tour of a forest but after some time they lost in the forest. And both were trying to escape from the forest but not getting any way to get back out from the forest. After finding the way to get back to the home they got tired and Chaman stopped and said – “I Don’t think, We will get the path to our village”. Then Aman Replied – “Don’t worry, we will find the way to get out of here.” But Chaman refused to walk anymore and said – “When someone will pass from here, we will go with them”. But Aman decided to find the way to get back to home. And after roaming for hours in the forest, he found a path for his village and he got escaped from the forest, but Chaman didn’t get back.

Now, what is the meaning of the story here… The meaning of the story is – If you will work then either you will fail or Succeed if Succeed then you will have a good experience but if get failed then it will be your best experience because your failure makes you an expert. As Aman decided to walk through the forest to find a way, so he gets succeed after some failures but Chaman didn’t even try to get escaped from the forest and stuck in the forest.

Likewise, if you will do anything then you will have two result – either fail or pass. If you will fail then you have a way by which you can’t achieve the success and you will also be familiar with that you have to do next.

Now I come to my Statement – “Doing Your Work is the only Shortcut to Success.” Yes, it is true because if you will not do anything you will not get anything. Remember the basic physics rule – Every Action has a Reaction, then for any reaction, you have to perform any Action. It might be very unrealistic to you but it’s true. I know I can’t make you completely agree with my point on the blog, but wait for some time. I will be back with a video to explain my point in a better way. And also stay tuned with me because I will be back tomorrow on a secret blog. And also you can follow me on my social profiles, links are below.

Sunil Jangir

Sunil Jangir, founder of HikeMeUp Inc., FeedUpThem and Gadgets Infotech is a Blogger & Youtuber. He loves to write about motivation, Lifestyle, Technology, and Blogging. He always tries to Motivate others to achieve Success. He is a Motivational Speaker by Passion. Sunil Kumar has an experience of 4+ yrs in blogging field.

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