The Biggest Problem of Human Being

Hello, What’s Up, Buddies? Day 4 and the summary of the day is We Humans have The Biggest Problem which is the Main Cause of Not Getting Success in Any Work.

The Beliefs of Any Human.

Do you know, 99% of Human Beings are full of Wrong Myths and Facts? And do you know why it happens?

Because we humans believe that Google gives us the correct information and every time and we start believing the facts and myths posted on websites. We never try to explore the truth. The basic example of above statement is – Every Human in this world state himself on the behalf of his religion – Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian and so on. But the truth is “Service (सेवा) is the only Religion.” And I’m not saying it without any proof. It is clearly mentioned in ‘ShreeMad Bhagwat Geeta’. I have a snapshot for that:

ShreeMad Bhagwat Geeta Snap

ShreeMad Bhagwat Geeta Snap

I posted a blog, The Guaranteed Shortcut to Success and I realized that there are a few people who believe in what I wrote, but some of them just follow whatever internet told them. I’m not saying that they are right or I’m wrong, but I realized that only open minded people accept the new and digest.

But it is the biggest problem of any human being that the person will not accept anything new. Because our mind is full of fake myths which have no logic. Like “Money doesn’t grow on the Tree”, but the truth is “Money Rises on Trees Just Need to Grow”.

The Last Logic

And the last logic, do you know why kids learn and capture everything in their mind very quickly? Because they don’t store the myths in mind. They have an open mind, and also they accept the new they get.

And the truth is, if you want to be something, to achieve something and to be successful, you have to format your mind which is full of myths and wants to digest something new, that can make you successful. Because you can’t pour the water in a bottle which is capped or filled with the water already. And it’s not only me who is saying these words, but every Successful Person always mentions these points every time.

Conclusion of the Blog

So the conclusion of the blog is you have to learn good things which are true instead of digesting myths. Always keep your mind open to digest truth required to become a successful person. “Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish”. That’s it on this blog, I hope you like it and share it with your loving ones. And stay tuned because tomorrow you will get a blog on a special topic to become successful in your life. So, don’t miss the chance and follow us on social media.

Sunil Jangir

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