5 Entrepreneurs Who Changed the World

Every Entrepreneur who launch a startup always tries to make a product beyond the level that exists. And some of the Entrepreneur succeed and some of them get failed. But some of the Entrepreneurs create a history. And today I’m going to write about the 5 Entrepreneurs Who Changed the World by their StartUps.

#1. Bill Gates

The Richest Person in The World, Bill Gates is the most popular Entrepreneur on this planet. Bill Gates was passionate about the computer from the early age. And later they launched the popular Computer OS Microsoft Windows and made the life of computer users easier than previous.

Bill Gates Quotes

Bill Gates Quotes

Approximate 88% of total computer users use Microsoft Windows OS. As the Microsoft Windows provided a better interface, working space and easy to use a module in Computer System. And that was the reason for the popularity of Microsoft Windows.

After the launch of Microsoft Windows, the whole world got changed, it was a user-friendly system which made working on computer easily.

And If We remove the Microsoft Windows from the World of Computer, the whole world will stop. Almost every work of human life gets stopped.

#2 Steve Jobs

The Founder of Apple, A brand which shows the royal side of a person, A brand which is a Sign of Professionalism. Steve Jobs announced that we will launch a phone without a keypad, and after their announcement, everyone starts laughing at Sir Steve Jobs. And started trolling Steve Jobs by saying that “He is a Fool”, how a phone can be operated without a Keypad.

Steve Jobs Quotes

Steve Jobs Quotes

But the result was shocking. Steve Jobs Designed a mobile phone with Touch Screen and without having a Keypad and created History. And after launching the Apple iPhone, its sales started growing like a fire. From the day of launch to till date Apple only designs the flagship and quality phones.

And all it was possible because of the Steve Jobs, who always tried to make something iconic and beyond the level.

#3 Larry Page

The founder of Most Popular Search Engine GOOGLE. Google is the most powerful search engine and internet service provider.



Do you know if someday google get deleted, almost the world will stop? Because whatever we want to know, we just get it from the Google Search. Either it is the location or a file, we can get almost everything from the Google.

Larry Page created a history just after the launch of Google, as the Google is one of the largest internet and technology companies. And almost every common man use the google in his daily life.

#4 – Mark Zuckerberg

The man who connected the world with his revolutionary startup, Facebook. A social media site which connected the people of the world.

Mark Zuckerberg Quotes

Mark Zuckerberg Quotes

Facebook created history after a time of it’s launching and connected a huge number of people. Also with the help of the Facebook, now we can do several works like marketing, branding and even earn also. Facebook is also one of the largest companies in the World.

Mark Zuckerberg is a youth icon who decided to connect the people through Facebook. And given us a valuable community builder through which we can gather and form a strong community.

Last but not the least :

#5 Jeff Bezos

Founder of the world’s biggest e-commerce site Amazon. Jeff Bezos also created a history with the launch of Amazon and as a result of their hard work, Amazon is one of the biggest online stores in the world.

Jeff-Bezos- Quotes

Jeff-Bezos- Quotes

The idea of selling products online was an innovative idea and hats off for their contribution in making shopping easy. And you all know about the Amazon and its services.

So, these are the 5 Entrepreneurs who created a history of their startups.

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