The Actual Meaning of FEMINISM

From the last few months, YouTube and Facebook Walls are full of videos on Feminism. I don’t know why people are misleading others, just for some views and money. Because whatever they are justifying is not the actual Feminism. That is only an excuse for their unacceptable job.

Then what is the actual meaning of Feminism…..? Have you ever think….?


feminism definition

feminism definition

Feminism means Women have equal rights to Men. But people are not getting the actual meaning of ‘RIGHTS’.

Do you know What are Rights..? Here Rights are the Constitutional and Human Rights.But I don’t why people giving a new meaning to Feminism.

Feminism is not when –
* When you are drunk and come home back late night and defending in front of your father and saying it as Feminism, then it’s not Feminism.
* Walking on the streets late night having a cigarette on a hand, and saying it Feminism, but it’s not Feminism.
* Wasting your time on rubbish works and naming it as Feminism, but actually it’s not Feminism.

I’m not against the Feminism, but if you want to show your favor for Feminism, then

* Join our security force and fight with the girls who are already on our borders and fighting for the nation.
* Become a doctor/engineer/lawyer and make your parent feel proud.
* Feminism is doing the work equally with men.
* Feminism is running an organization better than men.
* Feminism is living a better life than men.
But we are not doing it, we are just using a name for our comfort and fun.

So, please stop this nonsense and stop calling it Feminism, because the actual feminists never do such thing, they just do their duty and make the country proud. And you can’t call yourself a Feminist with such nonsense, because if you are Feminist then What you call that girl who is in Airforce/Army/Police or the girl who is winning gold in world championship…? Think Twice….!!!!

Sunil Jangir

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Neeraj Sharma · January 9, 2018 at 9:38 pm

I agree with you. The irony is that people who’re living luxurious lives rant such things but those who actually struggle remain silent.

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